Poemas bilingües

Tempus Fugi:

Life is escaping
Running so fast
Running so fast
So that I can’t catch it
Sometimes it is all for naught
Are you ready to live? 

The leaves are falling
Again and again
And I keep running forward
Chasing after time

Are you ready to die?

 And I don’t really care
I cannot really wait
The dame is catching up
So let’s live fully
Let’s live loud
Let’s live now


To you:

Shining stars of the night
For you I thought to get
And with pretty white light
Fill your eyes each
I’m telling you dear
I’m a rich man, rich
While you keep me near

Gold and moon I’d steal
If it’s you I can kiss
Love the sound of the drip
Of my name on your lips
Anything else I don’t need
When you hold me dear

Let’s live forever, you and me
I’m telling you dear
I’m a rich man, rich
Vaster fortune does not exist


Silence silence
Sound that is timeless
Mute that gets louder
It’s all too violent

Does god exist?
Let’s make a list
Of those who subsist
Can I be missed?

 Is this all I’ll ever do?
It’s not a problem of two
A lone, left shoe
Is god alone too?


One side love

Your voice it’s like salt
While you walk you waltz
It’s all so pretty
It’s all so nice
You keep dropping pieces of my heart

Too bright is the sun
It shines when you smile
It’s all so pretty
It’s all so nice
You keep chasing dreams across the land

 Can’t you see me stand
With an aching heart?
It’s all so pretty
It’s all so nice
I keep bleeding while watching you run



Corremos, corremos
Nada puede detenernos
Gritamos, gritamos
Nada puede aplacarnos
Volamos, volamos
Nada puede derribarnos
Amamos, amamos
Nada puede alcanzarnos

Ser o no ser:

¿Qué somos?

Pues no somos

Solo fuimos y tal vez seremos

Pero no somos

Sino estamos siendo

Y cuando somos

Ya no somos

Porque entonces fuimos

Y lo que fuimos no seremos

Porque no seremos lo que ya fuimos

Tal vez un seremos parecido

Pero jamás el que ya fuimos

Porque entre sido y no sido

Estamos siendo


¿Eres más de lo que ya fuimos?

¿O serás más de lo que estás siendo?


Let’s not cry

Ready to start the conquest of all spaces

All the stars shall be mine


It’s all in the blood line

Who cares about all the faces

It’s I who wins all the races

Who is I, me, divine


Above the good and the malign

Standing with all its grace

Let’s not cry for human race

In gold, cold, mold it shines


Ready to start the conquest of all spaces

All the fates shall entwine



Are we free or are we coerced

We are desperate, we are deeply immersed

Human nature cannot be reversed

As History once again is retraced

As if bound by chains that interlace

Again hell visits, injustices converse

Running in the landscape, four horses

Reaching for stars, for universes

Falling, defeated, perverted

Then the tape recommences

Wish it could be different, same blank verses

Can’t escape history, can’t escape its curses

– Weaboo



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